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A campaign by Joshua
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Community Garden

Go green. Provide food for the underfed. Connect back to the earth.

Help expand our urban community garden. Support us while we convert empty lots and unused surrounding sidewalks to a food paradise. This is much more about providing a public and free place for all to access gardening. Our community garden has 3 main principles: Eduction, Giving Back, And Community Support.


We are dedicated to education.Our gardens will be planted, maintained, and harvested by volunteers. Volunteers will learn skills in organic vegetable growing, soil cultivation, garden planning, composting, advanced permaculture techniques and much more. We will also be offering gardening and healthy eating classes on a biweekly basis free of charge and participating in community outreach, visiting inner city and low income schools once a month to offer classes. Food is our future and everyone should have the knowledge base and basic principles to know how to nourish our bodies properly. We want to empower through education.

Giving Back:

The food we grow belongs to everyone. A portion of the food will be available to the local community at no cost. We are also implementing a delivery program to low-income families on a monthly basis. A certain amount of the harvest will be shared with the local food banks and the women's shelter.

Community Building

Our goal is to create a safe space where our local community can gather, share information, work together, and support each other and those in need. By creating projects that foster self-sufficiency and empowerment; we can build a stronger and healthier town.

We are asking for your donations and positive support. In order to make this dream into a reality we are striving to raise $3,000. This will support the garden through 2017. The money will go towards:
Seeds, seed trays, and starter mix

  • Grow lights
  • Garden hoses and sprinklers
  • Spading forks, shovels, and hoes
  • A broadfork
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Stakes and trellises
  • Row covers
  • Rainwater collection containers
  • Bins
  • Fencing
  • Natural fertilizers
  • Potted plants and fruit trees

We have currently broke ground and have been funding the beginning of this project through personal funds and family donations. The community garden is ready to grow and we need your help! Thank you for your time and consideration.