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International Center for Hope & Inspiration

The International Center for Hope and Inspiration (ICHI)
'Building Inspired Communities'

Mission: The International Center for Hope and Inspiration is a global team of outrageously inspired professionals that serves individuals seeking to cultivate and expand their personal growth, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and nurture their holistic well-being.

Although traditional methods of helping people through their personal issues and blockages can be beneficial; A core belief of the Center is that a multitude of inspirational programming, creative resources and community connections are instrumental for individuals seeking to enhance their love and passion for life.

Numerous empirical studies demonstrate that being of service within a strong community leads to the greatest increase in satisfaction with ones life. In line with this research, ICHI has created a network of resources to address the alienation and feelings of being “stuck” or “blocked” experienced by so many people today.

What do we do? The Center offers personalized support by connecting individuals in need of hope and inspiration to outrageously inspired leaders, resources and communities. By providing a local and global network of multicultural artists, entrepreneurs, therapists, teachers, and organizations; ICHI inspires each individual to take action and break through any personal blockages to living a more fulfilled and inspired life thus creating more fulfilled and inspired communities.

Who we are? We are a multicultural community of outrageously inspired people trying to uplift, inspire and support individuals; emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, environmentally, culturally and socially.

ICHI offers innovative resources and services with a focus on the following topics:
1) Healing through the Arts: writing, music, visual, dance
2) Travel and Service: Local, national and international travel, volunteer and service programs
3) Spirituality: yoga, meditation, nature-based programs
4) Entrepreneurship: support for those who dream of having their own business or need support to expand their business
5) Health & Fitness: Nutritional counseling, coaching for health and fitness, personal wellness programming
6) Conscious Aging (WisdomCare): Connecting elder wisdom through intergenerational programs and services
7) Global Community-Centric Marketplace, Webinars and Educational Trainings