How it Works


Create a Campaign

What is your Dharma? This is your opportunity to dream, believe, and create a project to help support your path in life. Your project can be anything you would like to create and receive support with. Some examples include funding support for: writing a book, making a CD, producing a film, creating a product, etc.

Every Project Should Have:

  • A Story with a Video
  • Rewards or Perks you can offer to you supporters
  • A plan to keep your community updated of the progress of your campaign

How to Start

A few quick things to know about Creating a Dharma Fund Project:

  • No fees to create a campaign
  • No obligations or commitments
  • No experience necessary

1) Share Your Story

This is where you have an opportunity to connect with the community.
Create a brief written description and then take to video to share the rest:

  • Who you are?
  • What is your dharma?
  • What is story behind your project?
  • What is your timeline?
  • What is your goal?
  • What are your rewards?

2) Rewards

This is the opportunity you have to appreciate those that support you. Rewards can be as simple as a copy of your book or as creative as an opportunity to be featured in your new documentary on “Dharma”. Here are some examples of rewards:

  • Copies of your product
  • Limited Additions (ie autographed or pre-released copies)
  • Memories (ie. supporters get to sing with you on stage at your next show)
  • Gratitude (ie. your name in the credits of the book)

How to Price

The most common contribution is $25. The average contribution is around $70. Have a wide-range of rewards and contribution options for all potential supporters in the community.

3) Funding

  • List your expenses
  • Consider who is your community and target market
  • Choose your Goal Amount
  • Set a Timeline and Deadline

4) Spreading the Word About Your Project

  • Make an Official Announcement (Email, Social Media, Your Website, Your class, show, etc)
  • Reach our Personally to your Community (phone calls, personal emails, meetings, etc.)
  • Press Release (you never know if your project might be featured)
  • Host a Special Event (gather people together to celebrate your Dharma Fund Project)

Support a Campaign

1) Find a Project

Most of our contributors learn about projects from friends or their community. If you are interested in being a supporter you can also search our projects and also join our Newsletter or FB Page where we also share about projects.

2) Contribute to a Project

By supporting someones Dharma you are also supporting the collective community. DF projects are inspired and created by individuals who want to make a difference and your support helps this cause.

3) Contribute with Trust

4) Contribute to a Cause

By choosing to contribute to projects created by Non-Profit (501c3) you have the opportunity to receive tax deductions from your contributions.

5) Receive Rewards

Rewards are non-monetary perks that campaigners offer in exchange for your contribution. They can be anything, such as receiving a Pre-Release Signed CD, to adding your name to the credits of a documentary, to having a private one-on-one class or session.